Kuta Leather Tailor Is One Of The Best Tailor In Bali. Special Tailor For Business Suits, Leather Jacket, Leather Boots, Leather Shoes, Leather Bag, etc. All Products Are Made To Order, Custom Made And Tailored Special For Your Size. Takes 3 till 5 Days To Production And 1 Day For Alteration (in Case We Need It) . We Accept Online Shopping And Shipping Worldwide By DHL. Visit Our Shop In Bakung Sari Street Kuta Bali Or Text Us For Online Shopping. See Our Testimony On Our Instagram Page To Check The Products We Made.

our vision


Our vision at The Kuta Leather & Tailor, is to create a model that allows our customer to be the designer - to alter, customise and personalise their piece to something that suits their needs and allows them to feel confident in a piece that reflects their own personal style. To design a piece they truly love, and will love and wear forever – we aim to create timeless, quality pieces, rather than adding to the increasing industry that is fast fashion, and moving to a more slower and sustainable view on shopping, investing in pieces that just get better with age. Founder and Creative Director, Leah Hills, has had many years of experience working with the talented local artisans in Indonesia, and her knowledge in creating designs in both leather and suede, has been passed on to the team that make up Kuta Leather & Tailor.
‘We believe that when we shop, we already have a picture in our head of what we want an outfit to look like, and sometimes a piece as it is, just doesn’t quite live up to our expectations - we can fall in love with a piece but with a desire to make subtle changes to make it that of our own - a piece that perfectly reflects and fits in with each individuals shape and style. At Kuta Leather & Tailor we work to create this piece with you - a personalised piece made especially for you.’
‘In doing this, we hope this vision can also help consumers in a bid to move away from fast fashion and mindless rampant consumerism, to a more ‘slower’ mode of consuming - to a slower and more sustainable view on the whole shopping experience, investing in quality timeless pieces that just get better with age.’
‘For us, we believe it’s not so much about ‘fashion’ or keeping up with the latest ‘trends’ or ‘brand’, but it is about how you feel, and how you can make a person feel, when they are wearing what you have created with them in mind. I always believe a persons style says a lot about who they are, and allowing them to create that in a piece they will love and wear for seasons to come, is so special for us and it’s why we do what we do - there’s a big difference in wearing the piece for yourself than for that of the ‘approval’ of others. Our branding is also kept minimal, as we believe more in the product we produce than that of the ‘brand’ you are wearing.'
'We work closely with our team and the work and care that goes into each garment produced from Kuta Leather & Tailor is true credit to the talented local artisans working hard to maintain the highest standards of quality and to produce each item within a limited amount of time, customised for you, to bring you a personalised product you will love and wear for years to come


Kuta Leather & Tailor places a strong emphasis on working together as, and with, every member of our team to ensure a solid foundation for every element of our business - including that of the importance of constantly working to improve our ethical, environmental and social work standards, for our hard working team, and their families. In producing our garments, we strive to utilise that of local resources and talent, through every step of the process, and in doing so support our local community and the island’s economy in which we produce.Many our team of tailors are small family operated factories and our tailors are able to work from the comfort of their homes, allowing their partners to continue to work in their respective fields which then allows for them to take care of their families at the same time.


Sourced from the highest quality leathers and suede in Indonesia, each tailored piece is handcrafted to specific measurements and requirements personally handed over to our team of tailors, by our in-store team. Our team, work closely with our tailors to ensure each piece is made to that of our high standard delivered to our customer and our tailors enjoy playing the most the vital role of getting each piece personally made for you, within a limited time frame.

All of our products go through a quality control check prior to being delivered to our customer to ensure fit, and design is as per request. For further details on the process of creating your own piece, please refer to our DESIGN YOUR OWN page, where we detail how it all works for customised orders when visiting us in Bali.

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